First rule of thumb: - Your teeth should ideally not be whiter that the whites of your eyes.

Due to some medical conditions there are some cases where Whitening or Bleaching may not be suitable and will not work as a treatment option.

Please arrange a consultation and we can decide together if this treatment is suitable. Where teeth have for many reasons yellowed or changed from their natural colour to darker shading, or where there are white "blotches" (fluorosis) on the teeth, these can be brought back to their natural colour in the following way:

We have managed to access Dr Dorfman's bleaching unit as seen on "Extreme Makeover".

  1. Appointment with the hygienist/periodontal therapist to ensure absolutely clean teeth. We do not want plaque and other deposits on your teeth before we start. ALSO very important is to ensure that there are healthy gums and roots of teeth as the bleaching process can give rise to different degrees of sensitivity; we want to try and avoid this for your comfort.
  2. You then will come in to see the dentist for 90 minutes. In that time we will do three treatments of 20 minutes each where a gel is placed on your teeth and then a light source is shined on these for 20 minutes, the gel is then washed of and a reapplication made. Each time checks are made to ensure we do not over whiten the teeth as you can if care isn't taken end up with "toilet bowl dead pan" white teeth. This is an undesirable look, as the teeth then do not look alive and translucent.
  3. At the end of the appointment you will be given a special toothpaste, which you substitute for your normal paste, and you will use this for 14 days.
  4. The only stipulation wehave is that you cannot smoke, drink or eat anything with colour for a period of 6 hours, ideally 48 hours but its worth it - however we have a menu of luscious food and drink we will give you to follow.

Removal of White Blotches (Fluorosis).

  1. A single bleaching application is done (20 minutes) and then a coating of GC Mousse is applied and the patient takes the remainder of the mousse home and uses it or 14 days.
  2. Then a second appointment is made and the same procedure is done again as above.
  3. And possibly a third may be required