Cosmetic Gum Surgery

In some cases, for one reason or another mother nature has decided that our gum levels will be different even though it is the same mouth and infact the adjacent teeth! Or the gum seems to be too low and covers more of the teeth than it should. Well with our laser system we can reshape and recontour your gums so as to maximise the look of your smile and give you back the correct size of teeth that is seen when you smile.


Local anaesthetic is placed around the gums that are to be treated and once they have "gone to sleep" the laser surgery is carried out in a matter of minutes.

Then the only postoperative care required is either a Mouthwash of Glycerine and Thymol, which we supply, or the good old Hot Water Salt Mouthwash.

This ensures that healing is extremely quick and non eventful.

We have had some patients advise us that lots of ice blocks also helped!

Before & After