Cerec (Ceramic Restorations)-CAD/CAM:

The use of our Intra Oral Camera will let you see all that is wrong in your mouth and this is how we can fix it... See the end of this page for before & after photos.

State of the Art computerised reconstruction with tooth coloured ceramics-

  • Replacing old fillings,
  • Restoring broken teeth or fillings
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Partial crowns
  • Inlays

A damaged tooth can be used as is or may need to be temporarily rebuilt at the time of the appointment. Once the correct shape and structure is there, a computerised image is taken with a special camera. Then the tooth is prepared and a second image taken. The computer then places one image over the other and with the software's help the dentist and computer replace what was removed in a brand new ceramic material which behaves like natural tooth structure.

There is a range of shades to match natural tooth and it can be glazed to allow for characterising the restoration to match other natural teeth in the mouth.

THIS IS ALL DONE IN ONE APPOINTMENT - it takes about one hour per tooth, you can leave with the tooth restored at that stage and "eat' on it immediately!

  • We can therefore change the "colours" where natural teeth have discoloured for many reasons,
  • We can repair the front surfaces of teeth that have been damaged due to toothbrush wear or other factors
  • We can change shapes and orientations of teeth to make them straighter, however there are limitations here and a consultation appointment will determine the suitability
  • We can replace those tired amalgams and composite restorations with this ceramic
  • We can rebuild your teeth and smile ....