Login Assistance

I am having problems logging in for the first time

You should have received a letter from the Miramar Dental Health Centre giving you an activation code to use along with your e-mail address. If you have not received this code, then you will need to ring the health centre during normal working hours, and give them your name. They will then let you know what your activation code is.

If you have received this code, enter it in on the home screen in the "Password" field. Click "Submit", and you will then be taken to the next step in the registration process.


I have forgotten my password

Enter you email-address below, and your password will be sent to you.



I cannot remember what e-mail address I am meant to log in with

First, try every known email address you can think of that you might have registered with, along with your password. If you still have no luck, ring the health centre during normal working hours and ask for them to let you know what your registered e-mail address is.